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Week-wise Covid-19 Symptoms

Since I spent an anxious couple of weeks staying at home with a sore throat and cough this summer, I had been looking for a comprehensive Covid-19 symptom tracker. The WHO and many other official websites tend to list a few of the main symptoms but I could find only a few (anecdotal) accounts of day by day recovery. In this viz I have created a Tableau dashboard of week-wise symptoms from a survey of nearly 650 patients conducted by the Body Politic Covid-19 support group. More about this dataset in the section below.

Common symptoms exhibited by Covid-19 patients over 7 weeks. X-axis represents the number of individuals that exhibited a particular symptom in a given week. Symptoms (Y-axis) are grouped by body system affected, as presented in the survey report. Options for including fewer or greater number of symptoms based on % respondents, gender, age groups, and other demographic attributes are provided as filters on the right.

Details of the survey and its analysis report can be found here. I was led to this interesting citizen science study via one of the discussions at the volunteer scientists’ group ISRC and created an infographic of the most common symptoms (self-reported by at least 25% of the respondents at any time during the 8-week survey) as a resource for the general public on the forum. A much larger smartphone app based self reporting survey of symptoms is described here in the journal Nature.