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Benefits of remote work

A MakeoverMonday viz challenge that’s close to my heart, having gotten hooked onto the work from home style since the Covid-19 lockdowns - remote working. Three years of data from the annual State of Remote Work survey that had just 6 rows and 2 columns (benefits and % of respondents) allowed exploration of design and chart styles in Tableau without having to worry overmuch about the data wrangling and analysis aspects. The survey covered 3500 respondents from 2018-2020 (from pre-covid times) to assess the trends growing across the remote work landscape. Personally, the absence of the work commute (3 hrs + daily) is my top pick!

Tableau profile

This is my first time making a TreeMap. Incongruously named considering its block shape, clustered treemaps visualize the largest segment to the smallest segment in order, encoding the data using size of the rectangle. With the sparse datapoints in this set, I thought it a perfect opportunity to explore this often maligned chart type. As a bonus, I found a great overview of when and how to use the treemap in an old blogpost by Jeffrey A. Shaffer, although he explains how the treemap is best suited for ‘categorical comparisons with a large number of categories’ making optimal use of space.

This viz was opportune, as it gave me a challenge to test my new learnings on basic Tableau skills from the Udemy tutorial by Kirill Eremenko that I just did this weekend.

I was aiming to put in some icons within the rectangles of the treemaps to represent the rewards of remote working. Didn’t quite get there but managed to insert the blog logo into the dashboard, also a first! Thanks to this quick tutorial by KATE STRACHNYI.

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